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Our Summer Program begins June 12th and ends July 29th 

Our program is for all ages and is based on hours spent reading for youth and teens and number of books read for adults. You can read books, or magazines or listen to stories or audiobooks: read aloud, follow along with a recording, it's all reading! Keep track of your hours and enter them here.

  Youth ages 0-12 earn a reward for every 2 hours spent reading including a virtual drawing ticket.*

  Teens ages 12-17 earn a reward for every 4 hours spent reading including a virtual drawing ticket.*

   Adults earn galley books, prizes, and virtual drawing tickets. 

   * Twelve year olds can choose to participate as a youth or as a teen, whichever they prefer.

    Rewards include small toys, coupons from local businesses, and other cool goodies as long as supplies last.

The computer will keep track of the tickets and we will hold a drawing for youth, teens and adults at the end of the summer!

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